Battery Corporal
                      Willis S. Cole
                 Military Museum
                A Non-Profit Corporation
13444 124th Ave. NE,  Kirkland, Washington 98034-5403 U.S.A.

     Donation Information

    The goal of this museum is the preservation of the military history
of the two World Wars, especially Word War One with a major
interest in site specific research  to identify the actual places where people
and events came together to create our military history.  The museum's
displays consist of field recovered relics and souvenir condition relics.
The feature display, is a 16,000 pound 210 mm German cannon.

    The museum exists on donations, sales of books and relics and your help
will be greatly appreciated.  All income is applied to operating the museum
and its ongoing expenses.  The museum has no paid employees.

Financial donations can be made via mailed in checks and in frequent flyer mile
donations.  Our volunteers have used tickets obtained through donations
to attend military reunions in order to be able to interview veterans about
events in their past.  Such interviews provide American witnesses to faraway
events in distance and time.  Frequent flyer miles have also allowed the
research staff to travel to France to excavate possible World War One
tunnels, locate the B-17 crash site of the 'Lady Jeannette' and to be present
at installation ceremonies of Memorials provided to the museum by donations
from organizations and businesses.

    Your tax deductible donation will become the foundation of the future
research, you will read about in the museum's on-line newsletter.

Willis S. Cole, Jr.  "Sam"
Executive Director/Curator 

    To make a Tax Deductible Donation via check, please mail your
check to the following address, please make your check payable to the

Battery Corporal Willis S. Cole Military Museum
13444 124th Ave NE
Kirkland, WA   98034-5403  U.S.A.

   Upon receipt of your check, it will be deposited and when it has
cleared the bank, you will be sent a Tax-Deductible Donation Receipt.

      To assure that we get in touch with you, you can email us and ask
us to contact you via telephone or mail to discuss your Tax Deductible
Donation to Battery Corporal Willis S. Cole Military Museum.

    To contact us in reference to a Tax Deductible Donation, please
contact us at:


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